Immediately Invoked Function Expressions

Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs) are simply anonymous functions that are called right after they're defined. They're written the same as regular functions but

  • Are wrapped in a pair of parenthesis

  • Have parenthesis added to the very end

(function() {
// Function fun here

IIFEs let you invoke any needed logic or actions right away without calling a named function or variable. This is helpful since it:

  • Is more easily read as something to execute right away and no where else, for example as "setup" to the rest of the program.

  • The function's contents are scoped to within the function, preventing additions to the global namespace and name collisions.

  • Making the function anonymous also prevents global namespace pollution.

Creating Variables

IIFEs can be useful if complex logic must be saved to a variable, since all that logic can be written into the function and be scoped.

const birthdayStatement = (function() {
const name = "Maxwell",
birthYear = 2019 - 24;
return `${name} was born in ${birthYear}`;
// "Maxwell was born in 1995

You can also pass arguments to IIFEs if needed. The way they're passed in is tricky though, since:

  • The outside arguments are added to the final set of parenthesis.

  • The IFFE's parameters must also be named in the function call, and can have a different name if needed.

const globalPerson = {
name: 'Maxwell',
birthYear: 1995
const ageStatement = (function (person) {
const name =,
age = 2019 - person.birthYear;
return `${name} is ${age} years old`;
// "Maxwell is 24 years old"