Programming Resources

Some large resources to better learn programming or computer science as a whole


APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, which provide lots of information and data to play around with and build programs off of.

  • Programmable Web APIs

    • A directory with hundreds of APIs you can search through. Quality not guaranteed, may or may not be free.

  • Public APIs

    • Lots of free APIs you can play with. Ranges from the serious to the silly.

  • Awesome Public Datasets

    • Lots of public datasets, in datasets or other downloadable/viewable forms

  • PokeAPI

    • An API full of Pokemon data. Good for making a Pokedex as a starter project.

  • Wrap API

    • A service to build APIs on top of different sites and connect them to different hooks

  • Rapid API

    • 30 free and interesting API for developers


  • So You Just Learned

    • So you learned there's systemic problems around gender, race, and other areas with the tech industry. What now? Great article resource for educating yourself.