VS Code Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for efficient Visual Studio Code use

General Operations

  • Cmnd Shft R - Bring up the command palette. You can search all possible tasks, and see any keyboard shortcuts for said tasks too


  • Cmnd Shft F - Search all project folders

  • Cmnd Shft E - Show Explorer bar. If it's already visible, toggle focus between it and code

  • Cmnd Down - Open selected file when navigating files on the Explorer Bar

  • Cntrl Shft G - Show Source Control bar. If it's already visible, toggle focus between it and code

  • Cntrl Shft X - Show Marketplace bar. If it's already visible, toggle focus between it and code

  • Cntrl ` , Cmnd J - Toggle visibility of integrated terminal

Navigating Files

  • Cmnd P - Search for file by file name in entire repository. Can include file path, and the line in the file by adding :<line_number> at the end

  • Cmnd G - Go to a specific line in a file

  • Cmnd F - Search for string or regex within file

  • Cmnd \ - Split editor by column. This means a new column view will appear and share space on the screen, and the visible file will appear an in the original and new views

  • Cmnd K Cmnd \ - Same as the above shortcut, but will split editor with a new row

  • Cmnd Optn 0 - Flip all column layouts into rows, and vice versa. This includes nested layouts.

  • Cntrl Cmnd <left>/<right> - Move active file to next split view

  • Cmnd <number> - Go to the tab window based on the number. 1 is the first, 2 is the second, etc.

  • Cmnd Shift [, Cmnd Shift ] - Move to the next left or right tab, regardless of tab window settings

  • Cmnd W - Close active tab

  • Fn <up>/<down> - Go all the way up or down the visible page. Repeat this to move around more of the file.

Managing Text

  • Cmnd I - Select all of current line

  • Shft Cmnd L - Select all instances of current selection

  • Cmnd Shft L, Cmnd Fn F2 - Select all instances of current word (based on cursor position, not highlighted)

  • Cmnd Optn <up>/<down> - Add a cursor to the line directly above or below. Use repeatedly to create many cursors along the same area.

  • Optn <up>/<down> - Take the current line, or selected lines, and move them up or down

  • Shft Optn <up>/<down> - Take the current line, or selected lines, and copy them up or down

  • Cntl J - Join all selected lines into single line

  • Cmnd G - Find next occurence of searched text

  • Shft Cmnd G - Find previous occurence of searched text

  • Shft Alt <left>/<right> - Select word to left or right, adding to highlighted selection

  • Alt Shft I - Focus cursor on the end of each highlighted section

  • Cmnd D - Find next occurence of selected word and add to multi-highlight

  • Cmnd K Cmnd D - Skip current select of multi-highlight search from previous command, and continue to next instance. Good if you need to highlight multiple instances of a word but with some exceptions.

  • Cntrl Shift U - Uppercase highlighted text

  • Cntrl Shift L - Lowercase highlighted text

  • Cmnd Shft \ - Jump to corresponding start or end of current bracket. If not on a bracket, jump forward until cursor is on a bracket.

  • Cmnd Optn [ - Fold code based on current or nearest parent bracket

  • Cmnd Optn ] - Unfold code on selected folded bracket

  • Cmnd U - Undo last action