The Six Pillars of Self Esteem

Self-Esteem: is the consciousness' immune system. It gives us strength, resistance to life's difficulties, and the ability to get back up again.

  • It's not essential to life, but greatly impacts how we live it.

  • It affects expectations of ourselves, and therefore the actions we take to meet them

  • The point of self-esteem comes down to our right to be happy, and working to achieve it

Practice and Live Consciously

Approaching life while distinguishing between three things:

  1. Facts

  2. Interpretation

  3. Emotion

This means stopping to ask ourselves how we're interpreting events. When something upsets up, stop and ask if we could be interpreting it wrong. Objectively look at our own feelings and check for inconsistencies.

Also, balance facts and emotions with all decisions. When wanting to buy something, always take into account the realities and budget and practical use of something.


Don't judge yourself for negative actions. Instead try to understand what caused them. Accepting how these happened makes them less likely to happen again.


This pairs well with self-acceptance, which means taking control of your existence and happiness by being solution-oriented.

  • Whenever a problem appears, ask "What can I do about it?"

  • Don't blame others for your behavior

  • It's no one else's job to make you happy, only your own


Accepting you have a right to exist, which is tough. Try to say this out loud. It's hard because we often worry it will provoke disapproval or resentment.

Self-assertiveness is simply being who you are.

  • Conviction your beliefs are important

  • Standing up for, and acting on, your beliefs

  • Don't shrug yourself off with indifference to avoid provoking others

  • Treat yourself with respect

Living Purposefully

Take responsibility for your goals and the steps to get there. Monitor your progress and take practical moves. Don't just think your desire to achieve it is enough.

Practicing Integrity

Make sure your behavior matches your words and ideas. Can be lots of small things like keeping promises and telling the truth. On the flipside, a lack of integrity shows as dishonesty and hypocrisy.

It can be tough in a cynical society, but shouldn't be sacrificed.